Lost In Paris

Lost in Paris, is a 130 sq. m building in the South of Paris, which contains a living wall of over 1200 Dryopteris filix-mas (ferns).

The glass blown beakers, featured in these photographs, feed the ferns throughout the year. The house remains green throughout the year, with ferns changing colors according to the seasons.

Most interesting to me about the entire project is the following quote from Francois Roche the architect for the project:

“Do we want nature to be domesticated and purely sympathetic and predictable or do we want nature which brings some aspect of fear or danger or psycho-repulsion?”

Most gardeners, including me, think of nature as both friend and foe. How often do we think of nature as menacing or malignant? Perhaps a tornando, but not a garden. Gardens inspire, awe, and sometimes challenge our notions of beauty, but they are rarely perceived as threatening.

The concept of creating a garden that is “dangerous” or “repulsive” is definitely a new idea.

If you know of a garden that is ominous, sinister or forbidding, please post a comment. I anxiously await all responses. And if anyone knows the address of The Lost In Paris house, please also post.

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