The Tables Have Turned

Arbores Laetae (Joyful Trees) 2008
Diller, Scofiodio +Renfro
Installation:  Liverpool Biennial

I am always a little behind the times, but this time, it seems I missed Arbores Laetae, an installation piece by the Highline architects from 2008.  I thought it was interesting enough to draw attention to it.
“Dismissing the conventional distinctions between “nature” and “artifice” a brownfield site along a key route in the city center is the host of a new pubic park.  A small grove of hornbeam trees, some electrically-assisted, upsets the perception of a stable ground.  Three central trees are planted eccentrically and at a 10-degree bias in deep planter box turntables.  The three turntables are synchinorized to rotate slowly at slightly different speeds.  Changing orbits cause the trees to occasionally brush against one another or open up a wide void in the grove while the texture of dappled light and shade is in constant play.  The experience is disorienting.  From a vantage point on a spinning platform, the context appears to shift.  From terra firma, the trees uncannily animate around and past you. ”
– Diller Scofiodio + Renfro
And don’t forget to watch the video.  It gives some idea of what it was like to be there.
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Also in a strange way, a related blog written by Paula Panich on November 22, 2010, entitled, Every Tree Tells a Story…If We’re Listening,  is an interesting to compliment to the Diller Scofiodio piece.


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