ding dong! the WICKED author is on a book tour

Wicked Bugs

May 23
Horticultural Society of New York

 During World War II, the Germans accused the Allies of dropping beetles from aircraft.  
Amy Stewart has gone over to the dark side and turned it into a minor industry.  On Monday night she explained how the nefarious, illegal and immoral entered her world. 
“I was writing this book (Flower Confidential), and I talked to many, many botanists and horticulturists. I  found in addition to their regular gig,  each one had an odd little corner of the plant world they kept secret.  And that secret lead me down the WICKED PATH”.
 Which led to…merchandise

which led to another book…wicked bugs

and resulted in two bestsellers.  Why?   Amy Stewart knows how to tell a very good yarn.  

How about the woman who tried to kill her husband with a tarantula pie or Darwin felled by the assassin bug or Napoleon losing the Russian campaign due to lice or the results of Hurricane Katrina blamed on the Formosan termite. 
These horticultural horrors in the right hands make successful books.  And don’t forget the illustrations by Briony Morrow-Cribbs.  It doesn’t get creepier.  These books are not available on the Kindle or Ipad  Why?  You would miss the illustrations.  These are books produced by someone who loves books.  We can all learn something from Amy Stewart.

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