My Home, My House


Arne Quinze
Louisana Museum
“My Home My House My Stilthouse is based on Quinze’s idea that everyone is setting up boundaries to protect themselves and seek shelter.  The big question is “What is my house, what is my home?” 

Quinze’s piece is the first inkling that the exhibition LIVING at the Louisana Museum in Denmark is going to be unsettling.  This is a show that deliberately throws you off balance. 

What does “home” mean?

I  have the nesting instinct.  Even on vacation, I can’t help myself.  The need to personalize a space for a short period of time is part of my DNA. 

When you stay in a hotel, motel, or B&B, someone has thought about making a “home” for you.  The exhibition at the Louisana Museum is all about exploring the nature of home –

My home is my castle!
Home is where is where the heart is!
Home Sweet Home!
You can’t go home again!
No place like home!
A home away from home!
Don’t leave home without it!
Home is where you hang your hat!

I am currently “hanging my hat” not in MY HOME. 

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