Dog-gone BLOGGER!

How many blogs could a dogged blogger blog,
if a dog-gone blogger didn’t get clogged?
As 2011 closes out and 2012 begins, this is the question I am asking myself.  I’ve committed myself to blogging on three sites besides my own.  My loyalties are to all four.  Some might argue that my personal site should take precedence over my work-related blogs.
I don’t see it that way.  I instigated the other three blogs; thinking we were missing the boat(or the blog) at work.  I hate leaving any stone unturned.  We were not giving ourselves, our employees and volunteers a chance to have their say.  I am supposed to pick up the slack, when there is no one else to shovel another load of words into cyberspace.

Over the last two years, I have become more facile at writing blogs.  I used to write them in MSWord, panic over punctuation, agonize about an opening sentence = DRIVE MYSELF NUTS.

But, no more.  I’ve graduated.  I write directly into blogger, compose in my head, and surprisingly I’m more content.  This is a pretty good way to kick off 2012, even with three other blogs looming in the future.

LIVE IN 2012:

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