It’s an ARTWORK It’s a SYMBOL It’s an instrument for a GREEN FUTURE

copyright Stephen Glassman 2010
I am not a lover of billboards.  In fact, the highways, I love to drive, are the highways that don’t have billboards.  Stephen Glassman intends to change all that.  URBAN AIR is his invention. 
“Urban air transforms existing urban billboards to living, suspended bamboo gardens.  Embedded with intelligent technology, Urban Air becomes a global node – an open space in the urban skyline…
When you think like an entrepreneur, you do what Stephen Glassman did,  put your idea on KICKSTARTER.
195 backers
$7,684 pledged of $100,000 goal
39 days to go
Pledges of $10 or more “Your message on a virtual leaf! Like the web, a bamboo forest is one interconnected rhizome network. $10 buys you a leaf in our virtual UrbanAir bamboo forest on the web…”
etc., etc., etc.,

After Sandy, which some people still think has nothing to do with climate change, I am inclined to add my pledge to UrbanAir.

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