snap du jour… c’est fini.

painted body

Huang Yan – Chinese Landscape Tattoo No. 2

Never say never is a cliche, I generally adhere to.  I started my blog, Snap du Jour at a time when I felt I wasn’t paying enough attention walking down a street or through a landscape.  I can’t say that  I lead a mindful life now, but other things have taken precedence over Snap du Jour.  When a blog becomes a task and not a pleasure; it’s time to re-evaluate.  I have.  From time to time, I will use this blog the way I did snap du jour, for little photo essays.

xo xo dots


Duan Jianyu
Beautiful Dreams 2, 3, 4, 7
Painted on flattened cardboard boxes, the images illustrate some of China’s most iconic landscapes. 

INK ART:  Past as Present in Contemporary China (December 11, 2013 – April 6, 2014) at the Met is amazing. Of course, every Museum wants to jump on the China bandwagon.  It brings in visitors. This show will certainly do that and more.  The exhibition will surprise you.  It did me. The artists transform Chinese characters from their literal meanings into visual poetry.

photo (3) copy

obscured face

Zhang Huan
Family Tree
Zhang offered his face as a surface on which words, names and stories are written. The performance piece is documented in nine photographs.


Liu Dan
Dictionary 1991
ink and watercolor on paper

made up characters

Xu Bing
Book from the Sky
Installation of imaginary words

Photos copyright Phyllis Odessey
Text Metropolitan Museum of Art

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