spiritual lumps of earth

BelasKnapA mound of earth is not just a mound of earth to Kim Wilkie.  It is  an evocation. These ancient remains in the landscape resonant for him.  He uses light, shadow, frost, grass and water to create sculpted forms that rise and fall like a bird in flight.
kim wilkie.comjpegkim_15vii13_001-e1382686278652Listening to Wilkie is a kind of poetry.  His lecture at the New York Botanical Garden was endlessly enjoyable.  Except for a few wildflowers here and there, there wasn’t an ornamental in sight.  It isn’t just doing more with less; it’s making less matter.  I consider myself a minimalist, but I’ve failed to put this mantra into practice when it comes to the garden.  I am still under the spell of certain perennials, dwarf conifers and those weeping shrubs I can’t seem to live without.
Boughton-House-Orpheus-design-Kim-Wilkie-©-Charles-Hawes2I was riveted by Wilkie’s narrative, which included cultural and art history. There are no Dukes or Princeses in my life, but that doesn’t mean the idea of deriving immense “pleasure from something incredibly simple” is out of my reach.

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