i can’t believe it


Julika Rudelius

How many 0.6 miles are 4.2 miles?  Monsignor Sean Olge, began failing math at an early age.  As it turned out, he couldn’t see the answer or the problem. Once his mother procured eyeglasses, he began to see the “light”.  It was the “light” of everyday objects, as well as the ability to see beyond the world of sensation.  The Monsignor was the first orator of the evening;  BELIEVE, an event organized by MAD (Museum of Arts and Design) and conceived by Julika Rudelius, a video and performance artist.

Each of 4 speakers had 8 minutes to rock your world.  The Monsignor


Monsignor Sean Olge Pastor at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Astoria, New York

being part of the God squad was unable to move me, even with the best of intentions.

Yaron Halevi, a “spiritual guide,” began with a personal story

Yaron Halevi Spiritual Guide Soul Journeying

Yaron Halevi
Spiritual Guide
Soul Journeying

about the collapse of his marriage. Halevi could have written the song, All You Need Is Love.   That one phrase encapsulated his message.  “I am standing in love.”  His vision for the future: coffee shops of love:  $5 for a hug.

Imagine a world…” Brian Morgenstern did not take this phrase from the John Lennon song.  His vision of the world is one in which some people want to bring others down.    “Hand outs, don’t create a great society.”  I stopped listening.   Morgenstern  asked the question: Do we want to live in a society which is level up or level down?  I don’t want to live in a world where people ask that question.

Lori Stern is Director of Public Information in the Church of Scientology.  She is comfortable speaking to people, especially the unconverted.  Her 8 minutes were carefully structured.  How does one know something?”  A question everyone turned over in their heads.  From there she skillfully introduced the basics concepts of scientology; making it seem reasonable, perceptive and accessible.

Rudelius began the evening by asking everyone to rise.  An appropriate phrase considering the oratories which followed.  32 minutes later, Rudelius invited everyone to stay and mingle. “Please stick around to talk to each other.” 

Conceptually, BELIEVE is a powerful idea. For a brief moment, the 7th floor of MAD was a kind of Hyde Park Corner.   Rudelius played the role of provocateur.  It was a chance for civil engagement to remain civil.  That made the evening a rare occurrence.

Julika Rudelius
Museum of Arts and Design
March 28, 2014
Monsignor Sean Olge
Yaron Halevi
Brian Morgenstern
Lori Stein




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