midlife crisis

photoGauguin miscalculated.  He made a marketing decision, which did not pan out.  Thrown out by his wife, paintings out of favor, desperate for cash, he hit on a scheme to redeem his finances and career:  a trip to Tahiti.  Gauguin’s strategy failed:  neither his career or bank account were revived.

In 2014, Gauguin’s place is the art world is secure. The current show at MoMA is a huge show of prints, transfer drawings, sculptures and woodcuts.  It’s a great chance to see an unknown side of artist whose paintings of Tahitian women have become iconic.

Two floors down, the show, Jasper Johns: Regrets oddly parallels the Gauguin exhibition. photo Inspired by a photograph of painter, Lucian Freud, Johns made a series of prints based on the image.  Just as the Gauguin show shows several proofs of the same image; the Johns show is a series of pictures based on one image.  In typical Johns fashion, the exhibition title, “Regrets” comes from a rubber stamp, Johns had made to answer the many invitations he received.  It was his personal RSVP.

respondez s’il vous plait!

Jasper Johns:  Regrets
March 15- September 1, 2o14

Gauguin:  Metamorphoses
March 8 – June 8, 2014



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