noah’s ark comes to the big apple

suralark_A+M_SKs01_bwWas Noah’s Ark the first architectural folly?  It’s an interesting idea, especially since Noah’s Ark exists only in our imagination.  Austin +Mergold  used the idea of this mythical ark to create the 2014 winning entry for Folly at Socrates Sculpture Park.
ark 1 Austin + Mergold
SuralArk for Folly 2014
Socrates Sculpture Park
ong Island City
May 11, 2014 – August 3, 2014
Folly 2014 was made possible by a generous grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts.
ark 2
SuralArk (SA) is an American vernacular interpretation of the original. Made of 2×6 lumber and vinyl siding, the SA has its material origins in the American suburbia that is surprisingly close to NYC (incidentally, there is a vinyl sided house just across the street from Socrates Park entrance) and its formal roots as a (discarded) upturned ship cast ashore. Whether this was once a house in Levittown now on its way to becoming a boat, or a new hybrid house-boat under construction on the shore of East River in anticipation of the next hurricane flood is not entirely clear. And visitor is invited inside, under the siding canopy, to rest upon a foam bench (EPS foam is used in both house and ship construction, and one of the leading contributors to landfill waste) and contemplate the present horizon of Socrates park and NYC, the past, as well as forthcoming great floods”
from Austin + Mergold website.

ark 3 ark 4 ark 5Also at Socrates
Zilvinas Kempinas
Scarecrow 2014
Mirror polished stainless steel and Mylar
Z 3 Zilvinas Kempinas Z







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