crowd pleaser

chil 3Numbers play as big a role at a botanical garden as do plants.  The Chihuly show at the Denver Botanic Garden is massive.  The exhibition has accomplished what staff hoped for: a record number of visitors.  I am not a great fan of Chihulys’ work. I find the sculptures to be like a bully in the garden:  they intrude.  At Denver Botanic Garden, I had a different experience: no dominatrix here. The sculptures complement and enhance the landscape.

chil purple overview

chil pond waterlilly

chil 1

chil red

chil sunburst

chil 2

and not to be forgotten, the great plantsmanship at Denver Botanic.


planting design



moon gate

japan river pathway

insect houses

collection of pots

allium mix

grasses in the wind


  1. Absolutely stunning. I do like Chihuly but agree his sculptures tend to steal the show. Here they are striking yet sympathetic to the setting. I wish I could just hop across the pond to see them for myself. Thanks for sharing, super post.

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