grief counseling

amson Over twenty years of gardening without suffering a single disease in my own garden, has lead to compliancy.  Unearned impudence has characterized my horticultural attitude.  This week  doubt, fear and apprehension struck.  I noticed  signs of disease on most of my plants.

Experiencing total panic is not new to me.  On a routine visit to have a mammogram, I imagine only bad news.  I tried hiding under the covers, instead of facing the facts: could it be true that plants, I had nurtured over many years, might be gone?  I felt a need for grief counseling.


I reached out to friends first.  No one could provide a precise diagnosis.  Everyone asked good questions.  A seasoned gardener and friend suggested contacting my local extension service.  I am still waiting for a response.


I’ve been consumed by emotions that are common when someone loses a loved one.  I realize this is an incredible exaggeration.  Making gardens does have similarities to managing a relationship. The loss of a garden can mimic the demise of a relationship.  Following the counsel of psychologist, Dr. Robert Neimeyer “closure is for bank accounts,”  I am still holding on, fighting off depression, remembering its not over until its over.

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