don’t fence me in

IMG_6466Swimming pools may be a necessity, but they are particularly ugly and jarring. Landscape designer, Laurie Eichengreen, found a way to make her pool part of a transitional space between house and field. Influenced by Gilles Clements’ ideas in the Planetary Garden, Eichengreen applied his approach to ecosystems, to her pool and its surrounds.

Her pool and designed landscape are a decided and successful attempt to merge marginal and unheralded spaces with a man-made conglomeration of concrete, stone and tile.


The hayfield adjacent to the pool is front and center.  It’s the view.  The pool surrounds of designed grasses and wild landscape aim to celebrate marginal and neglected “gardens” with those planted by the designer.


In addition, Eichengreen figured out how to hide those ugly fences, that by law, must surround all pools. It’s a difficult problem to solve.  In the hands of a good designer, a fence is a fence is a fence that doesn’t interfere with the view.


Planetary Gardens

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