cut it out

Blue Nude III, 1952. (c) Succession H. Matisse, Paris / ARS, NY.There is a guy who always makes me happy.  And I emphasize the word always. My husband makes me happy most of the time, but not ceaselessly.  This French guy never fails to bring a smile to my face. And to the thousands of other people, waiting in line to see the Matisse cut-outs at MoMA.

Watching the video of Matisse, with a pair of scissors in his hands, I felt a great empathy.  He was  cutting out the designs for the vestments  Chapelle du Rosaire de Fence in France; I was cutting out snowflakes for my walk in Ginstrelle, Italy.

snowflake 2

I probably cut out 100 snowflakes.  Once cut, I walked the walk and tried to find an appropriate location for each snowflake.

full snowflake

Some were counterpoints, some highlighted certain aspects of the plants along the walk and others had a more symbolic meaning.

snowflake 3Walk to the Water, Environmental ArtworkI was reminded of Snowflake Bentley, a self-educated farmer, who became famous for photographing over 5,000 snowflakes.  To paraphrase Bentley, “When a snowflake is melted… it’s beauty is gone, without leaving any record behind.”  I don’t know about about beauty, but I love the idea that my walk existed and is now gone.

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