threading betwen the traffic


Philip Taaffe Palmetto site specific installation of “mechanical-botanical” silkscreened images.

“I continued my walk, dazzled.  Sunflowers, rubber-banded in huge bunches; frosty refrigerators of roses; shelf after shelf of those poor tortured curlicued lucky bamboos; hip-high yuccas in faux Southwestern pots; a window full of mother-in-law tongues, Sansevieria, wagging; every plant and flower and frond in multiples of what looked like millions, shipped here from who-knows-where, to be sorted out and sent on to somewhere else, being converted en route from a retail unit of tangible commodity good to a dining-table centerpiece or a wedding corsage or a flower arrangement bought as an apology or a little green something to brighten a dreary corner of a third-floor walk-up with block windows.” Susan Orlean from The Floral Ghost.

wall of photos

Philip Taafee, Palmetto sixty silk screened monotypes

Planthouse Gallery, 107 West 28 Street, occupies a space that once was a plant store.  Katie Michel and Brad Ewing, founders of the gallery are taking advantage of the changing neighborhood. The current exhibition, Floral Ghost invited artists to contribute “another layer of botanically inspired imagery to the storied walls of 107 West 28 street.”  

drawing on wall

Kate Santibanez, Farewell, Wall Drawing, color pencil

I love the idea of this show, but not so much its contents.  Susan Orlean was asked to write an essay, which is part of limited edition portfolio.  The essay is superb and a copy is available to anyone who visits the gallery.  In addition, the gallery will have a holiday show, where all art will be priced under $400.
Planthouse Gallery
October 24- December 12, 2014
Hours: Mon-Sat 12-5pm

Saturday afternoon…

woman on street




This is an excellent show by German artist, Robert Voit, NEW TREES
Clamp Art
531 West 25 Street
October 16-November 15


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