singular geography

Eggert Petursson, detail of UNTITLED

In the old days, the only way to get a cheap flight to Europe was to fly Icelandic Air and stop in Iceland. In the most sparsely populated country in Europe, there is a lot going on.  The current show, ICELAND:  ARTSTS RESPOND TO PLACE at Scandinavia House is both expansive and small.  It’s intimacy is its success. Unlike the current fad for the cerebral, this show is clearly rooted in on the most geologically dynamic places on earth.

Eggert Petursson,  UNTITLED

Eggert Petursson, UNTITLED

Eggert Petursson focues exclusively on the indigenous flora of Iceland.  The plants found in heathlands and lava fields of Iceland are symbols of a fragile life form’s heroic adaptation to an uncompromising climate.”

Enar Falur Ingolfsson

Enar Falur Ingolfsson

“Working in a straightforward, documentary approach, photographer, Einar Falur Ingolfsson seeks out cultural artifacts in the landscape to create discrete bodies of work.  The man-made windbreaks from his Shelter series (2010-2012) …offer protection to sheep and horses that weather Iceland’s harsh climatic conditions and high winds.”


Gudjon Ketilsson Stigar/Paths

Gudjon Ketilsson’s wall drawing Stigar/Paths is a text-map charting the artist’s thoughts from his perspective as an urban dweller as he moves through the streets of Reykjavik.  In spare, stream-of-consciousness prose, the narrative traces the artist’s course as he sets out from home on a walk, becoming distracted by various encounters, interruptions and conflicting decisions.  Written in Icelandic in capital letters without spaces between words.”


Katrin Siguroardottir Haul

In Katrin Siguroardottir , Haul (203-2004), represented in the exhibition by two works, small wooden packing crates open to reveal nested compartments with topographic models of fictive landscapes that play with the duality of outside and inside. “

ICELAND: Artists Respond to Place
October 10, 2014 – January 10, 2015
Scandinavia House
3rd Floor Gallery

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