questions and some answers…perhaps

Louboutin spike grey flannel flats“I can’t decide which of these women I’d like to be.  Clean or dirty?  I pinball between the two.”   Leopoldine Core. Do you  use the word, pinball in this context?  The authors of Women in Clothes, asked survey participants to “send a photograph of your mother from the time before she had children and tell us what you see.”  The published responses are from women, who see their mothers as extremely beautiful.  Do we not think our mothers beautiful, once they become our moms?  I ask my readers  (if you would like) to send answers to the following questions:  
knot at waist Q:  Is “offness”  the key to fashion?
Dries button shirt

Q:  Is it lie when women say they don’t care about clothes?

prada sweater “We are always asking for something when we get dressed.  Asking to be loved, to be fucked, to be admired, to be left alone, to make people laugh, to scare people, to look deathly, to say I’m poor.”
Leopoldine Core
chanel down jacket Q: Would you rather be perceived as having great taste or great style?

IMG_2640 Q: Would you be willing to give away a piece clothing you do not wear, if you could share the story of that piece of clothing?
Stubbs and Wooton grass linen slippers Q:  Is style the state in which one feels the least separation between one’s character and one’s body?
Hand made blue coat

Q:  Did you lay out the clothes you would wear to elementary, junior high or high school? on the first day of the year? everyday?
Lanvin down coat diamond buckle

“The romance of clothes is one of the few aspects of life I love. Or rather, one of the few aspects of public life I love.  I see the world as an execrable place, lurking with humiliations and dressing to go out is the last link to a fantasy I once had of what I was going to would be like -….”   Eda Hattemer-Higgins
hand made silver shoes

Q:  Are you less interested in clothes, the older you get?

Thank You For Participating.

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