fare thee well

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 4.38.25 PMDo I care that the NYTimes is no longer publishing the Home & Garden section? Not really.  Will I miss reading Ann Raver and Michael Tortorello? Yes.  Currently, the garden reading I do is from blogs and sometimes books.  But the majority of my garden learning (with the exception of hands-on doing) is from talking with fellow designers and gardeners.

The question, I asked myself when I heard the NYTimes would stop publishing the Home & Garden section, was what does it mean for the profession?  Obviously, advertisers have weighed in.  In a memo Executive Editor, Dean Banquet said  “this move is a part of the newspaper’s overhaul of its feature sections, saying that “as we pursue this endeavor, I’ve concluded that coverage from the Home section would fit best in other parts of The Times, including Food and Real Estate.”

nytimes garden

10 years ago gardening was the rage du jour.  Not so much today.  The profession and hobby have fallen out of fashion.  I am ok with that. I like being out of style.  It appeals to my anarchistic side.


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