the michelangelo of type design

Herman Zapf

Herman Zapf

I realized there was only person I could call after reading the obit of Herman Zapf in New York Times on June 9th:  my copyeditor at Book-of-the-Month.  We used to fight about which typeface was more suitable for a specific piece.  This woman could still remember and appreciate what I good typeface meant.  I found this a very comforting thought.  This little club of two could mourn the death of a giant.  Zapf designed two of my favorite typefaces in the entire world:  Palatino and Optima.  And there was a time when a designer could not live without Zapf dingbats ( I word I truly love).
palatinooptimazapfinoI thought about making something really “fancy” using some of my favorite Zapf typefaces, but thought better of it.  Just LOOK…is all I can say.
ZAPFDINGBATS“Last Thursday, all the rest of us moved up one,” said Matthew Carter, whose designs for web fonts, including Verdana and Georgia, earned a MacArthur Fellowship, the so-called genius award, in 2010.  “That’s my way of saying Hermann was on top.”

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