growing organic

two lions“You will see the two lions at the top of the road, make a right and you will see the farm on the left.” advised our neighbor  The walled garden is located in the historic kitchen garden of King William III’s estate in the Renkum stream valley.  Since 1999 the garden has been an organic vegetable garden manned by volunteers from the community.  In addition to offering a CSA (community supported agriculture) membership, the garden also offers a menu of tea, coffee, soup and small snacks,  plus a shop where anyone can buy veg, jams and teas from the garden, as well as cookbooks by local authors and workshops encompassing everything from felting to meditation to herbal, medicinal and tinctures.




Historic photo of the original garden


The garden as it looks today

original entrance to greenhouse

The gate that once led to the greenhouses where temperate plants were grown, like lemon and lime trees.


The garden grows over 150 different vegetables and herbs – both new and old. varieties.


a cloche is still a useful tool.

“Because the garden is enclosed by a wall it provides a safe place for people who have a distance to the labor market.  Nature and useful work to give people a positive feeling and therefore the Walled Garden is also a care farm.  Jan de Jonge and Marlou van Iverson offer people through their company Work Garden Exceptional support and a working rhythm in the Walled Garden.” from the website – translated by Google.

forcing pot

A terra cotta forcing pot in use.




Our little neighborhood has turned out to be exceptional place or perhaps one would find this spirit in any Dutch community.

villa anna

Villa Anna

The people who own this house offer a meal to approximately 25 people, once a month.  Dinner is prepared by the couple and 2 autistic kids, they work with, to prepare a meal that costs 12 euros.

I pride myself on being able google anything.  What I’ve realized on this trip, sometimes it’s better not to have too many expectations, because invariably the most surprising stuff is literally right around the corner.






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