bringing it all back home

Loom tagMy mother had a passion for setting the table. She leaned toward French china and English silver, set on damask tablecloths.  My mother-in-law was also emotionally invested in her table settings, but in a completely different way.  She favored a midcentury aesthetic.  This meant a devotion to Russel Wright dinnerware …her political beliefs and his dovetailed:  good design at a price everyone could afford.  She also embraced the hand-made.  Her daughter was an expert potter and had introduced my mother-in-law to well-made, crafted objects.  If that wasn’t enough my sister, who designs textiles for a living introduced me to techniques, such as it and designers, like Jack Lenor Larsen. All of these influences shaped my crazed infatuation with a well set table.  When the chance to visit the Textile Museum in Tilburg, NL, came up, I could not resist.

Loom detail

Loom overview

One of the original looms from the days when the Textile Museum was a blanket factory

The Textile Museum in Tilburg was originally a blanket factory.  Like many other museums, the factory rooms and structure have been refurbished to allow for exhibition space featuring textile artists, historic looms and a contemporary studio outputting limited editions of textiles from computed generated designs, as we’ll as the mandatory cafe and shop.

Suitcase display

“by TextielMuseum presents Bye TextielMuseum” an exhibition highlighting innovative designs by various designers focused on household textiles.   “Based on the idea of a traveling exhibition and the format of a Tupperware party, the products will be unpacked, displayed, touched and evaluated, allowing those present to experience the quality and beauty for themselves.”  The suuitcase designed especially for this exhibition, unfolds to display the textiles featured in the show.  The museum hired a number of young photographers to follow the show and document the journey.

Suitcase photograph

One of the photographs taken by a photograph following the show and documenting the journey of tea towels, tablecloths and napkins.

Type tablecloth quote

My favorite textile in the show and the one I could not resist purchasing.


Type tablecloth quote2


Type tablecloth sample

Artist: Bertjan Pot Tablecloth: Font of the Loom

Photograph women embrodiery

Hinke Schreuders Works on paper 2012

This piece was part of another exhibition, “Under The Skin” at the Textile Machine.  Hinke Shredders adapts vintage fashion photographs from women’s magazines  from the 1950s and 60s and shreds, embroiders lines, circles and other shapes over the images.

Photograph with embrodiery women fifties

Some other textiles I loved:

Skelton scarf

Scarf by Studio Jobs

Escher shirt use

Escher shirt “I am a graphic artist heart and soul, though I find the term “artist” rather embarrassing.”

Fabric sample midcentury dragon flies Fabric sample midcentury fish Fabric sample midcentury pine cones Fabric sample midcenturyThe 4 fabrics above could have easily come from my mother-in-laws’ house.  As far away as home feels at this moment, one small fragment on a wall can make home feel very close.

textile museum



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