i want it all

IMG_3416I have an affliction.  It’s called plant envy. When I visit a nursery, I  want to buy at least one plant, sometimes more.  It is definitely a rare occurrence when I want everything in a nursery.  Yesterday, when I visited Kwekerij In Goede Aaarde (In Good Earth Nursery and Garden)  I didn’t want to leave the amazing gardens;  I didn’t want to leave the incredible collection of plants; I especially didn’t want to leave talking with Frans and Franny Geijsels, the owners of Good Earth Nursery.


What is different about Good Earth Nursery are many things.  The nursery and gardens are managed and created by two people, who love plants.  The gardens, which we might call display gardens, are not just examples of what the nursery sells; it’s an inspirational space.  The gardens are designed to challenge the client.


I wanted to grab a clipboard.



and start making a list.





There are openings in this enclosed garden where one can look across and see the landscape of Zeeland.IMG_8668

The area where plants are for sale is laid out not by color, not by bloom time, not by family…. NO the plants are organized by what plants work well with other plants.




Even if you are looking for only one specific plant to buy, you are getting an education… the owners are giving you their take on beautiful combinations of plants. Kwekerij In Goede Aarde is what every nursery should be, a place for the imagination to wander.





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