number 31Where are you? Is the number one question in my email these days.  The Obras Foundation, an aritst-in-residence program in Renkum, Netherlands was my home for part of September.  The following is a photographic tour, sans video, of the house I occupied.  My temporary home was on a small street, composed mostly of early 20th century houses  arts and crafts Dutch style.  Most house lots are made up of odd corners. Out of every window, the surrounding garden goes off at different angles and sometimes meets at a triangular space forming a small niche.  To a limited extent, I believe in karma.  The Obras Foundation is number, 31 Nieuweweg.  My childhood home was also a “31.”


The street

front of house door open

Gurnsfoort – The Obras Foundation

front door

front door open w me first


front glass door

The entry hall.


The original hallway tiles from this early 20th century house


The kitchen


The workspace. Once the dining room of the house with old pass through to the kitchen.

studio use

The studio – once the living room of the house


The sun porch. My favorite room in the house


View from outside the house looking toward the sun porch.


The zig zag hedge along the side of the house.

garden outside kitchen corner

The view outside the kitchen windows.

barberry knot garden

The knot garden

back nook

The Indian nook


The treasure trove of blueberries in the side garden.

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