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Photo courtesy of WhatILiveBy

WhatILiveBy is an interdisciplinary work created by artist Elana Langer.   Part of the Alliance Francaise Crossing the Line Fall Festival, WhatILiveBy is based on what artist Elana Langer “considers the ultimate luxury in life to be thoughtfulness and our ability to apply it to our choices.”


Photo courtesy of WhatILiveBy

Regretfully, I did not have the opportunity to participate in the WhatILiveBy pop-ups around the city.   I thought the idea was worth sharing here.

WhatILiveBy, the first brand that creates (almost) no environmental waste in order to participate in the marketplace of brand identity. Producing nothing other than the logo itself, this product-less brand acknowledges consumption as an expression of identity and self, and the knowing that it will shift as we do. It’s a community of those that are ready to own their choices as they own their things, and share the meaning of those choices with others.

To participate in the WhatILiveBy brand is simple;

Step 1: Go online or stop by a BrandStand to buy a WhatILiveBy logo

Step 2: choose something you own, (or buy something new) that represents your ethic. Iron/Sew/Tag/Screenprint the WhatILiveBy label on it.

Step 3: define your personal WhatILiveBy mission statement. Go online and upload your WhatILiveBy photo and mission and share via social.

Step 4: wear, carry, and share your personal WhatILiveBy mission and story with others.

Step 5: throw a WhatILiveBy event and share it online.

– from WhatILiveBy


What I Live By: This is a bag that Millie and I designed to give to guests at our wedding. The image is of the Berkeley campus (where we met) and it includes the Berkeley motto, “Fiat Lux,” which translates to, “Let There Be Light.” I could not think of a more perfect thing to proudly attach this label and idea to. from WhatILiveBy


This is what I live by… Seeing the world through a particular lens, extracting the beauty from chaos and showing it to the world. Using my tools, light, form, composition,perspective to convey a message whether it be reality or fantasy. from WhatILiveBy

Even if you missed participating, you can still purchase the WhatILiveBy logo by going to the WhatILiveBy site.




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The ultimate luxury in this life is our thoughtfulness and our ability to apply it to our decisions in this world.

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