c’est si bon

exploded tulip dress detail

exploded tulip dress detail

I used to be a clotheshorse.  Today, I have little use for fashionable clothes.  Most days I have dirt under my fingernails and without thinking dress in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  It’s a comfortable and utilitarian outfit.  The Issac Mizrahi show at The Jewish Museum reminded me why my closet is still full of clothes, especially shoes,  I don’t wear, but can’t bear to throw away: it’s the artistry, construction and materials.  In Mizrahi’s case, it’s riffing on cliches and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Exploded Tulip Dress

Exploded Tulip Dress

kilt dress

The strapless floor-length kilt dress

rain boots

High Heel rain boots

garbage can drress

The Garbage Can Dress, exploded aluminum – sequin tank dress

and the best for last…

the real thing dress

Coca-Cola palliate dress. Mizrahi worked with the charity WE CAN, which employed homeless New Yorkers to gather and flatten Coke cans. These were shipped to the Parisian sequin maker Langlois-Martin, who cut the aluminum into palettes. The palettes were sent to India along with the dress patterns, where they were hand-embroidered onto silk before finally being returned to Mizrahi’s New York workshop.


One small section of the wall of swatches collected by Mizrahi.

issac mizrahi
an unruly history
March 18 – August 7, 2016
The Jewish Museum

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