a rose is a rose…

img_4426…except in Camon, a village in southwestern France. In this village a rose is known by its proper name.  Camon has over 100 rose bushes planted in the front of people’s houses.  Some of these vines are planted in small holes in concrete.  The rose bushes were given to the village by local winegrowers. Originally roses were used in vineyards as a kind of early warning system against potential diseases of the vines.  These days the rose bushes are not needed, but as we gardeners know rose bushes are a good indication of disease.





a sunflower is a sunflower
I will never pop a sunflower seed in my mouth again, without thinking of the thousands of acres of sunflowers that fill the landscape of southwestern France.  No wonder, Van Gogh couldn’t help himself, in all states of decay, a sunflower is extremely beautiful.


img_4359 img_4360 img_4361 img_4365 img_4367 img_4368 img_4387 img_4391 img_4396 img_4397



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