OM 101

people-2-omOM is….
a mantra
to deliver the mind from
OM is
sound vibration
OM is
the first sound of the universe
OM  is
connection with the divine


Japanese symbol for OM

The word mantra breaks down into:  “man” (to think) and “tra” (instrument).  So while they are frequently spoken aloud, mantras are meant to be a mental device.


Sanskrit symbol for OM

OM is the experience of stability
OM is believed to contain all other mantras and all letters of the Sanskrit alphabet.


Sikh symbol for OM

OM is liberation
OM is believed to connect and purify body, speech and mind.


Tibetan symbol for OM

OM is the experience of clarity


Jain symbol for OM

OM helps us understand who we are.
Anger, Greed, Pride, Disillusionment,
Cover the self like clouds covering the sun
OM connects us with the divine
The divine clears away the clouds
The compassionate self shines through.
people-omOM LAB
Offer Your Voice Now Through May 8, 2017 at
Rubin Museum


What Happens to My OM? Your voice will be mixed with thousands of others to become part of an audio installation that will be featured in the upcoming exhibition The World Is Sound.

The World Is Sound
Opening June 16, 2017
The World Is Sound will activate spaces throughout the Rubin Museum to create an immersive, sonic experience that explores ancient and contemporary understandings of sound and its relationship to human existence.

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