points of view

A museum called The Culture House… I am inclined to avoid at all costs. That would have been a mistake. The Culture House in Reykjavik was built between 1906 and 1908 and is protected as an historic building. Designed by Danish architect Johannes Magdahl Nielsen, the interior is pristine and even if the exhibition was not worth seeing, the interior of the building cannot be missed.

Interior of The Culture House

The Reading Room and library

Door Handle of The Culture House

The current show, Points of View is a visual history of Iceland.  The following are photos of the pieces I loved in the show.

Vulcan by Asgerthur Buadottir, 1986 uses the edge of the weave in a  very interesting way.  She keeps the edge even and forms an opening that creates vertical lines within the fabric.  Asgerthur uses a method called “tenning” in which two colors of wefts are used.  This method is frequently seen in Icelandic textiles.

Memorial Image, 1925

Mountain 1980-82, Sigurthur Guthmundsson

Fish Processing, 1971, Hildur Hakonardottir

Sun-Drying Salted Cod in Reykjavik, 1939, Olafur Magnusson

Ragna Robertsdottir looks down. Capturing the land in a picture by digging it up and using it directly in her work. She gathered volcanic pumice near Mt. Helka, which she stuck to the gallery wall.

The thing about Iceland is, no matter how great or interesting the art inside, the only place you want to hang out is outside.


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