falling water

Liability is not an issue in Iceland or the beauty is so overwhelming people don’t think about suing.  Unlike the US, natural wonders are just that. They are well marked and some have a small entry fee. There is signage indicating areas where walking is not permitted.

What is permitted? To scramble across rocks, leaning over metal posts with ropes, which theoretically prevent one from falling off a cliff.

Gullfoss Waterfall (Golden Waterfall) is one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland; known as the the waterfall that is more powerful than Niagara Falls


Skogafoss – 60 meters high

Seljalandsfoss – 65 meters high
A unique feature is that you can walk behind the waterfall, provided you have a poncho or don’t mind getting soaked.

Waterfalls are only part of the story in southern Iceland.  Streams, brooks and lakes abound. 


Steinn Steinarr
The Time and the Water
(part of the original poem)

Time is like water,
and water is cold and deep
like my own consciousness.

And time is like a picture,
which is painted of water,
half of it by me.

And time and the water
flow trackless to extinction
into my own consciousness.




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