end of the line

Was it some kind of irrigation? electric conduit? or possible debris left from construction?  Walking the last section of The High Line snaky fabric wrapped aluminium tubes guide the rambler.  These fiber constructions are not random; they are the work of Sheila Hicks, fiber artist.  Hop, Skip, Jump and Fly:  Escape from Gravity is on view from June 2017 until March 2018.

Hick’s piece at The  High Line echoes the landscape of Hudson Yards: multiple constructions: scaffolds, cranes. fencing, screening, beams and glass.

Hicks has carefully placed these fiber tubes among the plants, grasses, railroad ties and fencing.

If you haven’t walked the last section of The High Line, I recommend it.  It’s a reminder of what The High Line was before it was the The High Line.  It feels wild, haphazard and unintentional.  The Hicks sculpture draws our attention to the surrounding landscape.


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