la dolce vita

People ask me what’s like at the American Academy in Rome (AAR).  I hope this photo blog gives the reader some idea of the physical environment that makes AAR special.

American Academy in Rome, Via Angelo Masina, 5, Rome on top of the Janiculum Hill.

Inside the main gates: the fountain. The door in the background is the main entrance to the Academy building.

Looking down on the entry to the Academy.

The interior courtyard

The interior courtyard with fountain

Two of the AAR gardeners working on drainage in the courtyard.

Lunch and Dinner are served outside in the inner courtyard until the weather changes.

The sitting room with 20 ft. ceilings

The sitting room

The sitting room

The Dining Room

The bar – my favorite. The paintings on the wall are self- portraits done by some of the  artists at the Academy.

Another corner of the bar

The large grounds behind the main academy building.

Designed as a “rural retreat” for the community to use, the back garden provides a great respite.

Looking from the back garden to the back of the Academy main building.

The Rome Sustainable Food Project was a collaboration with Alice Waters. Food served at the Academy is either from the garden or local farmers.

As a visiting artist, the Academy assigns you a place to stay. The Academy owns two small apartment houses next to the Academy. Four years ago, we were housed in one of the apartment houses. This year, we were assigned Bellacino. We lucked out – we were housed in the gatekeepers cottage.

Looking down on Bellacino.

The patio at Bellacino.

Downstairs interior of Bellacino. Small but perfect.

Although the building and its grounds at the Academy are amazing.  The most important part of being at AAR is the time to work, meet other artists and writers and explore the never-ending layers that make up Rome.




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