live and dye naturally

Neil Goss sat for two hours, barely moving, with Gregorian chants playing in the background. This was a participatory performance, and the conclusion of his month-long Artist in Residency at Bard Graduate Center.   The “performance”, Biocentric Interconnectedness:  We All Contribute to the Web was an interactive event.  Everyone who entered the room was welcome to tie a length of hemp yarn to the “installation.”  The impulse to add fiber to the work proved irresistible.  It was impossible to be in the studio and not walk up to the wall, take a length of yarn and add to the installation.  Part of the desire to get close, was to try to see Goss’s face.

The pieces on the wall were pieces Goss worked on during his residency. His studio at Bard was open to the public and everyone was invited to participate in the creation of these pieces.

I stayed until the end of the “performance” and had a chance to talk to Goss.  He said this final work exceeded what he imagined it would be. He had to excuse himself to change into his street clothes; telling us that sitting in hemp for two hours is pretty itchy.  Watching someone sit for two hours is pretty prickly.
instagram:  @backstrapweaver
phone:  785-766-9910
esty:  Live & Dye Naturally



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