cloud computing, headless horseman, morse code…

photograph Peter Mauss

Tear of the Cloud is a  site-specific multimedia artwork by Tony Oursler.  Consisting of five digital projections superimposed onto the landmarked 69th Street Transfer Bridge Gantry, the surrounding landscape, and the Hudson River.

Photograph Peter Mauss

The “exhibition” is located in Riverside Park South between 68th and 70th Streets along the Hudson River. Entrance is at West 68th Street and Riverside Boulevard.

Photograph Peter Mauss

Oursler’s images combine arcane subjects and popular culture:
the Hudson River School painters, the 19th century utopian community of Oneida, Pearl White, an early film star, IBM’s chess-playing computer, Deep Blue, Morse Code, Grandmaster Flash, Haverstraw Bricks, Jimi Hendrix, etc. etc. A Glossary is available on the public art fund site.

Photograph by Peter Mauss

Photograph by Peter Mauss

You can consult the chart below and read articles about Tear of the Cloud or you can TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE… before October 31, 2018!

The flowchart breaks down the multiple interconnected influences in Tear of the Cloud (Courtesy of artist/Pubic Art Fund)

Tear of the Cloud
Hours: 7pm – 10pm
Tuesday – Sunday through October 31
Riverside Park (69 St. and its surroundings)
Subways: 2, 3 to West 72nd Street;
1 to 66 Street – Lincoln Center Station

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