interconnected ideas and attitudes

445 Columbus Ave, NY NY 10024

I don’t know how to sew. All my tailoring needs are met by Ellen of Ellen Couture.  Ellen moved her street level business to an office building in midtown and the space on Columbus Avenue became available.  Pretty soon, a sign went up on the facade:  North of History.  In a short amount of time, peering through the window, a coffee machine, a piano, track lighting, sofas. What was happening?

Architect, Gene Kaufman, has formed a nonprofit called New Vision.  “Due to rising real estate prices and business licensing obstacles, maintaining an art space in New York City is increasingly difficult – even though the art itself is alive and well… As a result, we must expand the definition of ‘gallery’ , ‘concert venue’, and other terms in an effort to fully integrate the arts into the neighborhoods across the city.” – West Side Rag

North of History, Gallery Location: New York, NY Architect: Gene Kaufman Associates

Marianna Martines (1744-1812) Marianna and her sister hosted musical soirees at their home. These weekly events attracted such guests such as Haydn, Michael Kelly and Mozart.

Why is this space called North of History? Because it is one block north of the Museum of Natural History. This gallery/performance/gathering space is an anomaly in a neighborhood of retail stores, bars, restaurants and gyms. It’s worth checking out.  On  Tuesday, October 23, ” an evening of music (works by Claude Debussy, Laura Kaminsky and Marianna Martines). The musical choices relate to  the exhibition, “Dislocation/Reclamation” featuring work by Rebecca Allan and Richard Kooyman.

Rebecca Allan, A Path for Water Through the High Desert, “Botany and ecology are deep sources of inspiration for my work as an abstract painter who works primarily with the landscape. I also have a longstanding practice in botanical illustration which is undergirded by my work as a gardener, and as the Plant Records Manager at Iroki Garden.”

Richard Kooyman, “In my current painting practice I reach back to historical paintings and sculptures to re-examine female figures and what I call “herstorical” characters by cropping out the patriarchal element in the original works. I am attempting to reframe the political and aesthetic vitality of specific female actors through a contemporary lens. “

On Thursday, October 25, a piano performance by Alexandra Eames. For the November schedule go to North of History has the feel of what I imagine, the 19th art salons used to be: small, intimate and magical.
A Brief Note:
Iroki garden is a private residence in Mount Kisco, New York.  It is open to the public twice a year, once in the spring and once in Fall. The garden is home of the Michael and Judy Steinhardt.

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