change your mind

I have had to re-evaluate some plants I dislike or have purposely ignored.  Even in April, the trees in Vermont are not leafed out, the buds on most perennials are barely visible and it continues to snow.  During this time of self-isolation, I realize that  plants I dismissed, have become beacons of happiness.  The one or two daffodils blooming on the side of farm house, the one deep purple azalea in front of a barn or most especially forsythia.  A plant that was ubiquitous in the suburb I grew up, is now one of the few spots of color and exuberance in an otherwise limited world.  Forsythia surprisingly is a genus  in the olive family Oleaceae. The genus was named after William Forsyth (1737-1804) royal head gardener of the Royal Horticulture Society.
Now I appreciate this plant which I was formerly oblivious to.

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